Why I haven’t gone shopping for myself in 4+ years…

  OK, so that’s not entirely true, I have picked up the odd item here and there but it has pretty much been out of necessity!  I have honestly not just gone shopping or purchased clothing that I love AND feel amazing in (and about) since I became pregnant with my oldest, and here are a few of the reasons why:

  1. A changing body and breastfeeding.  The past 5 years I have been reluctant to invest in much clothing because I just might not fit in it a couple weeks later.  I don’t know what other ladies have experienced, but I found that it drove me crazy that none of my clothes fit for more then a week or two.  And I am not just talking about pregnancy, but postpartum as well!  I basically lived in dresses, cardigans and leggings during this time.  And now let’s talk breast-feeding for a second, if it doesn’t unbutton, pull-down or lift up it’s a no go.  I really don’t have the time or patience to change in order to feed my child.  And let’s be real, I didn’t really have much time to think about this whole fashion and shopping ordeal during this little phase of my life haha!!
  2. I’m not a impulse buyer.  I don’t see something I like and swipe my card.  Much to the dismay of my shopping companions, I generally need to research and compare what I am buying. I DON’T WANT A LOT OF STUFF, I JUST WANT A FEW GREAT THINGS.
  3. Ethics.  I feel completely overwhelmed when I walk into a mall and see thousands of things for sale, many of which were essentially made to be disposable.  I can’t help but wonder who made them, where they are made and where they will end up.  I often don’t even bother with ‘fancy expensive stores’ because I just am not all that fancy, and yet in the same breath how are all those fast-fashion chains selling these clothes for so cheap?!  I am not saying that clothes shouldn’t be affordable (trust me I LOVE a good deal as much as anyone!) but it’s just the lack responsibility that I cannot get behind.
  4. I am picky.  If I am spending my hard earned cash, I want to love the way it fits and feels and I want it to last!

So ya, I guess now you know.  I am a super up-tight shopper, a total prude really.  But my body seems to have found it’s new normal and I am no longer nursing!  And I am sooooo, so ready to LOVE getting dressed in the morning.  I want my wardrobe to feel like an extension of myself, rather then just something I have to put on in order to leave the house.Like with most things, I likely won’t rush into this little project and I will probably start with researching ethically and locally sourced companies.  I am also debating creating a capsule wardrobe (because after 4+ years sans shopping I am basically starting from scratch anyways)!If you guys have any advice or tips or favourite shops, designers or makers I would LOVE, love, LoVe, to hear from you!  I have tried to navigate into ‘slow fashion’ previously and found it incredibly difficult (and kind of depressing).  But I am hopeful that after nearly 5 years away from the shopping game that there are lot’s of hidden gems to be uncovered!   And I promise to share any little nuggets find you <3.  EEEK, wish me luck!Warmly,KarmenP.S. Thanks so much Erinn, from www.shoptheskinny.ca, for sending this amazing dress with me to Hawaii!  I had so much fun wearing and photographing it (and it is bonkers comfy) 💜.   I am so stoked for you to be launching a ladies clothing line next month!  YAY!!!  Heck here's one more of The Skinny's 'Willa' dress, just for good measure ;)