#WCW Breanna Fitzpatrick + Lisa Nicholson

It's #WCW!! And I'm very excited to introduce you to Breanna Fitzpatrick. Bre is a leader and creator in the nonprofit community. She is constantly pushing for the small initiatives to grow with her involvement. She is a very busy woman who outside of her full-time schedule at Red Deer College has the alumni development coordinator, volunteers on numerous boards and committees. Her active life doesn't stop her from taking on new projects, or sway her from supporting local businesses. You will find her at the local coffee shop mentoring others or paying it forward by buying strangers coffee. She believes women should help one another out and not be competitive with each other she is here to make red deer a better place by creating a movement in the nonprofit community.AND Lisa Nicholson. Lisa founded Hope4MVCKids Society in 2013, out of a need for children with medical needs support, financially and emotionally. Her own children, biological and adopted, have special medical needs that were not easily met. She knew things had to change. The 'Pay It Forward' attitude that she possesses spread quickly and soon and an entire Society was created. She stepped up to challenges and overcame unfair regulations and laws. Lisa has become highly involved in the Alberta Provincial Parent Advisory Committee to the Alberta Ministry of Health and continues to give to the community by being an advocate for those without a voice. Her empathy and understanding is without comparison. Accomplishments aside, her biggest success is enriching the lives of everyone around her.