The Purge! Capsule Wardrobe Update #2

Hey Guys, it's been a while since the last time I posted about my capsule wardrobe and actually quite a lot has happened!!  Let me fill ya in.I purged my closet.... and it was AMAZING!!  I am a person that easily feels overwhelmed by clutter, so having so much more space in my closet has been kind of fantastic.  And, honestly, I had so many clothes in there that didn't even come close to fitting or were just so far from my style (like from high school, freaking high school you guys) that made it really hard to find the clothing that actually fit!The picture below shows my king size bed absolutely covered in clothes.  Not pictured is a chair full of maternity clothes and my naked daughters trying everything on in the thrift pile 😂.  Haha it was out of control! I spent an entire rainy afternoon sorting through this big pile of clothes and listening to Oldies (as one does).  I was quickly reminded that as much as I hate clutter, I hate waste!  And I really love re-porpusing old things.  I toyed with a few ideas, but in the end I decided that there was just too much stuff for me to keep around the house.  (And the last thing I need right now is another project lol.)  So I sold a few things, and the rest I will be sending to my sisters and the thrift store.  I also put away all my winter and hot summer clothes.  This left me with just under 50 items including pants, shirts, tanks, sweaters and dresses.  And so far it has been great!  While I don't totally love a lot of these clothes, I have committed to sticking with them for the spring season so that I can make sure that this capsule wardrobe is really something I want to follow through on, and to sort of figure out what pieces I need to make this a fully functioning wardrobe that I adore.I have to admit, this process has already shown me that less can really, truly be more.  And it has been surprisingly fun!  I have actually cleaned out the girls and the entryway closets out as well!  (up next linens!).  Wowzer, look at me being all domestic!!!  Hahaha, but I think what  truly is the most surprising part of this exercise so far is that I have actually been wearing more variety!  Who would have thought!  I have also been doing more research on responsibly made clothing and have come across some of the most wonderful small (and big)  businesses in the process.   I ended up ordering from a lovely woman in California, who hand makes the most wonderful linen dresses to order.  She recently did a collaboration with a fantastic YYC educator and I just couldn't resist the sale!  I actually had been eyeing her beautiful dresses before I even started my capsule wardrobe (WIN!).  I also ordered a bathing suit from a rad company I have been following on Instagram for quite some time.  Thankfully my patience paid off and I managed to get it on sale as well! (High-five!)  I just LOVE that I can totally get behind these brands and actually feel like I know the women running them.  I have come across some other really promising shops but will wait to share them until I feel confident that they are awesome.So now it's your turn!  What do you think of this whole capsule wardrobe thing?  Do you know of any great responsible brands? Have you ever considered where your clothes come from before?  Is there anything else you would like to know?Once again, thanks so much for listening to me ramble on about something completely unrelated to photography.  Keep being awesome!!Warmly,Karmen