Take Me Back!

There is not much that makes me happier than combining my two passions, photography and travel... I seriously cannot begin to describe just how fantastic it makes me feel.... but let's go with ecstatic!!  And what a pleasure to hang out with such rad people on one of Maui's insanely beautiful beaches.  It was actually a little painful editing this session, pretty sure my entire being was trying to will myself back into this gorgeous place.  Amy and Sean, I hope that you guys LOVE your sneakpeek and I really hope we meet again in the future!To my fellow travellers: Amy is actually a wonderful photographer herself!  You can check her out at www.amyjshort.com.  If you are headed to Maui (and can't bring me along, wink. wink.)  I strongly recommend getting ahold of her.P.S.  Please excuse the weird magenta cast my photos tend to get when uploaded to my blog :(.  Or better yet, if you know how to fix it shoot my an email!!  TIA