Rebecca | Genuine Portrait Series

I have always been drawn to simple portraits.  You know the kind that pull you in a hold you there.  Somehow frozen in time, is this person and their personality.  No distractions, no bells and whistles.  It's genuine and it's  pretty wonderful.  I have known for a while that I wanted to start a project like the #GenuinePortraitSeries, but I wasn't really sure how to go about it.  But, I finally decided that couldn't just wait around for the perfect idea to formulate, if I want to start a simple portrait series, well then I should just do it!  Sometimes the best things just happen organically, you know what I mean?So I hauled out my lighting equipment and set-up for weeks in my living room (Ok it's still up, but I have taken it down a couple times lol).  I started photographing woman after woman (men are welcome too haha, just hasn't happened yet) and started to really, truly fall in love with the project.  I am so excited by not only the beauty of the portraits, but also their potential!  These people are all so unique and amazing, and, WOW, am I ever excited to tell their story through portraiture!!  And I honestly can't wait to see how each person uses their new photos to develop their brand or to hang in their house or to give to their Moms or to freshen up their Instagram feed or, well you get the point =)!Annnnnyways, it is about time that I start sharing them with you all here on the blog!!  And I am really excited about it (don't suppose you can tell?)! So without further ado.  Here is Rebecca.  She is incredibly passionate about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the strength that she has found within the sport!

"Hi, it's me Rebecca.  I started jiu jitsu in January of 2015.  I learned about this particular martial art through a good friend of mine who had started jiu jitsu the summer we met.  After just a few months of training in jiu jitsu she knew enough to show me some moves on her basement floor. The technique is one I will never forget (arm lock series from side control.) Up until that moment I had never felt truly empowered by what my small 115lb frame could do. With a sort of fragile physical history, (having crushed my T9 vertebrae in 2012 while cliff jumping) I was surprised to understand that with proper leverage I could not only break someone's arm but that I could actually hold a grown man's life in my own two hands.  Once unlocking this new found strength, there was no turning back. I moved to Calgary the next month and found the gym closets to my home. Since that day I have been training, traveling, and competing for jiu jitsu. It has taken me places I thought were out of my reach. That’s what jiu jitsu will do. It will bring you places that you didn’t even knew existed within yourself and the world. But that’s for you to find out.
I am passionate about helping others learn and love welcoming new people to the sport.  You should try it, I guarantee you will love it.  Here are 5 things you need to know before your first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class:
  • You are not an inconvenience to anybody. Every single person on the mat has been exactly we're you are right now. Even world champions.
  • You are not going to be good at it. But after your first class you will feel happy. No matter what you'll love it.
  • Yes people sweat and it's ok if you do too. Jiu jitsu is cardio x1000. Bring a small hand towel or face towel if you are really worried.
  • What to wear. Regardless of what Academy you are planning to attend most Jiujitsu players dress the same. We will start with the gi. A gi is a garment worn in jiujitsu that looks like a judo or karate kimono but is very different. It's used to grip, control, and to submit your opponent. Call the gym you are planning to attend and ask if they provide a rental gi. If not that's ok! Under the gi we wear a rash-guard and spats. A rash-guard is a top that does exactly what the name insinuates, provides a layer of protection from bacteria for your skin and from the friction of your gi. You can buy special jiujitsu brand but it's not necessary, it needs to be tight fitting and breathable (anything but cotton). Next are spats or tights. I know you're thinking "but I'm not Peter Pan." It's okay you can wear shorts overtop or most likely gi bottoms. Trust me, rash-guard and spats are life savers. Pro-tip: TAKE OFF YOUR SOCKS!
  • Information overload is a real thing.

You are not alone. Nerves are real and we all have them to a certain degree."

  I hope you enjoyed learning more about the #genuineportraitseries and this spit-fire of a woman!  If you are interested you can follow her journey on Instagram @beansofnebula.Warmly,Karmen