Pyne And Smith | Capsule Wardrobe Update #3

Hey Guys!  Its been a little while since I gave you an update! Honestly things haven't been super exciting, I have just been doing the best with what I have.  BUT I am working on my summer capsule wardrobe!  And I have been enjoying the two new purchases I told you about earlier!  One of which was this Pyne and Smith Clothiers Linen Dress.I was soooo excited to get this little number in the mail.  I immediately put it on, and then, had one of those moments of doubt.  You know the kind.  I wasn't sure if I could 'pull it off', if it was the most flattering dress for me.  Maybe it was just one of things I loved on other people?  So I let it hang in the closet for few days, but eventually decided that if I like the dress I should darn well wear it, and love doing so.Jump ahead to day of errands, peppered with compliments and I was completely sold! (I really try not to dress for anyone besides myself, but being on the receiving end of a compliment is always encouraging <3)    Needless to say, I have been wearing this incredibly comfortable dress on repeat ever since!   It is honestly so versatile (and the midi length is crazy practical when you are running after little ones). I've worn it on its own, with sweaters and belted so far.  (PS. the belted version kind of made me feel like Belle!! Honest to goodness the soundtrack played in my head allll day long lol)So I thought I'd share a few real life pictures that I snapped this afternoon while my kiddos splashed in the pool!  I am about 5'2" and am wearing an XS.  If you have any questions let me know!Happy Weekend Pals <3Karmen