May your portraits age like a fine wine!

 The truth is I don't want your portraits be that cheap pair of flip-flops that broke after one summer of use and then were carelessly tossed into the garbage.  I want your portraits to be that favourite pair of leather boots.  You know the ones!  The ones that just make you feel so darn gooooooood everytime you put them on!  I want them to hang proudly on your walls or rest lovingly on your coffee table. I want your portraits to make you smile every time you walk by that gallery wall or flip through the pages of your album.  I am wildly aware that this will not work for everyone's taste and/or budget and that's ok, because these days there are an incredible amount of photography options to choose from.  But for YOU, you know who you are..... you think less just might actually be more, you would rather have 10 stunning prints for your wall than 100s of files lost on a hard-drive.  For you, I want to create something one-of-a-kind, something long-lasting.  Seriously though, is it egotistical of me to want the photos I take to be the ones handed down to your great-grandchildren?  I imagine that they will lovingly look through them, perhaps they will need to smooth out a crease from it being accidentally folded into the gutter of a book, or maybe the ink will be slightly faded from sitting on that sunny livingroom shelf, and they will wonder to themselves about what life was like all the way back in 2018 with all it's strange, beautiful moments and trends.