Karmen's Capsule Wardrobe Update #1

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I’m gonna be honest here, I haven’t made much progress on my capsule wardrobe research because #life.  I have really found my enthusiasm for this project waning a bit.  I mean will it really be worth the effort?  It’s just clothes right?  And, I am a person who truly believes that beauty comes from the inside; so how important can it really be to put energy into my wardrobe?  But despite my apprehension, I decided to hit up google to see if I could find some answers.

I immediately came across a podcast episode from The Lively Show featuring Caroline Rector from the blog Un-Fancy.  Podcast are my jam (I probably listen to 100x more podcasts then I watch tv),  so obviously I was stoked!  I hit that play button and set to work on some much needed spring cleaning around the house.Fast forward 46 minute later, and I am feeling so inspired and totally reaffirmed in my decision to create am ethically-sourced capsule wardrobe.  It's time to dress like me, to feel good about myself, to simplify my daily routine and to buy clothing that is ethically made.  While it threw me off at first, I LOVED Caroline's comparison of herself with Bruce Wayne (I hope I don’t need this parenthesis but…. Batman) facing his fear of bats;  "he is crouched down in this dark cave and there are bats swarming all around him, it's madness.  He slowly unfolds and stands up straight, and the music swells and he takes this deep breath.  And he is ok."  Intense right?!  I would have never in a million years come up with that mental picture on my my own, but it is perfect.  I won't ever be able to completely remove myself from the swarm of messages I receive via ads, music, magazines, social media, television, movies, etc....  but I  can teach myself to be strong and confident.  I don't need a perfect body.  I don't need t0 wear the latest trends.  I don't need to buy into the thousands of ideas that are being sold to me everyday.So I am setting some intentions for myself this week.

  1. Recognize when external media sources are affecting how I feel about myself and dictating what I think I ‘need’.
  2. Unsubscribe from all the stores that send me coupons, catalogs, etc.  UNLESS it is company whose values align with mine.  (this girl still loves a good sale!)
  3. PURGE.  Let’s get this party started.  The plan is to take EVERYTHING out of my closet (literally everything) and sort it into 4 piles:  Keep - Store - Giveaway-Seasonal.  And since I am waiting to do my shopping until I have completed my dreaded book-keeping/taxes (<- look at me being all responsible / let’s be real, it ain’t gonna happen unless I have some sort of motivation because book-keeping is the actual worst), I will have to make do with what is left in that 'keep' pile for the time being.
  4. Read more of Caroline's blog!!  And do more research.

So there ya have it.  Man, WISH ME LUCK!  I think I am going to need it lol.  And thanks so much for following along on this (completely non-photography related) topic.  It honestly feels so good to have a little company on this adventure!Warmly,KarmenPS.  Do yourself a favour and listen to that podcast!  Episode #36 was packed full of helpful bits of information for the newbie capsule wardrobist. Photo Credit:  www.un-fancy.com