I didn't mean to make you feel bad. | Ethical Fashion

 I just wanted to say sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel bad.  Truly I didn't.  In fact, causing you to feel less then was one of the main fears I had when I started to share this journey...In case you are feeling a little lost, let me give you some context. ***cue that weird musical transition they always do in movies when they change scenes for a memory haha** The past few months have been filled with many wonderful events and photo sessions.  I got to met and chat with so many incredible women and like-minded souls.  I dressed in clothes that I feel great in (and didn't immediately get covered in food, dirt or duck poop)!  For this fairly introverted, rural Mama of two it was somehow completely energizing and exhausting in the best kind of way.It was during these wonderful get-togethers that I began to notice a reoccuring dialogue that went something like this... 

A says, "oh I love your shoes, where did you get them?!"

B uncomfortably replies, "ahh, shoot, you had to ask me in front of these capsule wardrobe people haha." 


C says, "you look incredible in that dress, I would love to find something like that."

D looks towards me with shame, "ummm, Zara."

 There was a lingering guilt or shame or maybe it was something else.  Either way, I have begun noticing it more and more where people feel that they need to explain to me why they can't currently purchase responsibly-made fashion.  But let me tell you, whether it's a postpartum body, the initial investments, or the fact that you just really like shopping, you DO NOT owe me an explaination.  I never have and never will look at your outfit and decide what kind of person you are.  And in that same breath, I do not think buying ethically made clothing makes me a better person then someone who doesn't.  It is, quite simply, a place in my life that I felt a need/desire/ability to make a positive shift.I began sharing my journey because I couldn't have made this change without the incredible help of those who bravely shared theirs with me.  You might notice the use of the word brave there and feel a deep desire to roll your eyes, but it IS scary to put yourself out there.So, long story short, I will continue to share about responsible fashion because I think it is a fabulous and much needed conversation, but please don't let it discourage you and if you ever have any questions or thoughts please share!!  You DO NOT need to own a single piece of responsible made clothing to join this club and conversation!!!Warmly,Karmen