Audrey's ALOHA (Moana) Birthday!

Oh my goodness, my heart is so full.  Earlier this month, we celebrated our "big girl's" birthday!  Our little Audrey has turned four and we are so happy that we were able to celebrate with so many of our family and friends.  You guys are truly what made her day so darn special <3. And an extra special thanks goes out to my sis-in-law Alicia ( for helping make our Hawaiian party dreams come true!By now, you all probably know that I love making pretty things.  So every birthday is basically an excuse to get creative!  Combine that with the fact that my Sis-in-Law is a Party Planner and we. just. can't. be. stopped.  Haha, seriously we just had way to much fun putting this all together.In case you are interested, I thought I would make a little list of my favourite things and where you can get them!Balloon Arch and Banners- The Small DetailsThe Ocean in a Bottle Craft! -  This craft turned out so cute, and the kids really loved making them!  I ordered the teensy little bottles off Amazon and the beads are a dollar store specials haha. ( If you are interested in detailed instruction on how to make them just let me know!)Confetti Balloons- The Small DetailsPin The Necklace on Moana- ETSY.  This was HILAIOUS to watch.  Turns our blindfolded, dizzy preschoolers are the funniest.Ocean Themed Water Sensory Table- You can pick up these non-toxic waterbeads at the dollarstore (in the craft section) and the kids go crazy for them every single time!  I happened to have a bunch of plastic sea animals around the house that were a perfect addition.Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers - Ok seriously.  How darn adorable were the pineapples and the little umbrellas. Alicia used her circuit wizardry to make them.  SO GOOD!  The Small DetailsI can't believe we have to wait until December to this again!  If you have any questions just let me know.<3 Karmen