5 Reasons I Love Linen

 Sooo, it's no secret at this point.  Yes, even my grandparents have noticed my new-found love for natural fibres.  And my favourite, LINEN!  Oh my word, I just love it.  I can't stop wearing it, can't stop looking at it with all the heart eyes and I definitely can't stop talking about (sorry friends and fam).  You see, I don't just come across things and decide THIS for me.  I slowly consider, I research it, I save photos and create mood boards to see if it fits my life (again, my poor family) and then I finally take the plunge and try it out.  So when it gets here and lives up to, actually exceeds, my expectations I am gushing fountain of success filled enthusiasm and facts.So here we go!!  5 reasons I LOVE linen. 

  1. The texture. Oh my word, I have always loved the texture of linen. Truly, before I even knew that linen was it own specific type of material, I was attracted to its character and old-world charm.

  2. PET HAIR, fellow animal lovers have I got good news for you!! The pet hair doesn't stick. I mean, EEEEE!!! I love my animals but I just HATE walking around with their hair stuck to me.

  3. It's very hard to stain. So if I am honest, my biggest fear when purchasing quality clothing is that I am going to ruin it. I'm a wee bit of a hot-mess, with kids and lot's of animals. But all my linen washes up like an absolute dream!! A little anecdote for ya: Last summer we went for a little girls day and took my daughters to get their fingers painted at the salon. Nora choose a dark sparkly purple because it 'looks like a galaxy Mom!!!'. Well she accidentally rubbed her wet nails on the chest of my blue and white dress (cue inner turmoil). By some miracle I kept my cool and calmly (while crying on the inside of course) asked for some nail polish remover. Most of it blotted out, but it remained just a little grey-er in that area. I honestly didn't have the heart to deal with it for months. But just a little while ago I decided to give it a go. I washed it on the delicate cycle in my washing machine with a little natural stain remover and oxy-clean and wouldn't you know it, she came out as good as new!!! I still cannot believe it but I'm happy as a clam.

  4. It is environmentally friendly! 'Nough said.

  5. It's wears like dream all year long!! Linen is very strong and becomes so wonderfully soft with time. It is warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

 Ok and I am all about balance so here are couple things that you may not love about linen.

  1. It wrinkles. I honestly don't find this to be a problem for myself. I love its rustic look!!!

  2. It costs more than synthetic fabrics. Personally, I find this is 100% balanced out all the benefits of linen.

  3. It relaxes with wear. If you love tight clothes, this may not be the best fabric for you.

  4. It can be a bit rough if it is brand new. But this won't last long at all, after a couple washes it relaxes and softens!

 Thanks for joining me fellow nerd, capsule-curious, clothing enthusiast!  I really hope this was helpful for you and I would love to hear what you think!  Are you already a linen lover?  Do you think you might invest in any linen this year?  What is your fav fibre to wear?Questions welcome, always.Karmen P.S.  My absolute favourite responsible linen brands are Pyne + Smith Clothiers, Not Perfect Linen, and Only Child